Photography is an intimate medium; instantly, we make a new acquaintance and hear moments which comprise more complex narratives.  

My focus on wildlife and nature photography means I have a unique eye when it comes to portrait and event photography.   I give my clients a large say in the shoot, and their visions meet mine to forge a hybrid collaboration.   See some quotes below from past clients. 

Contact me to arrange a time and date that suits you.  My rates are reasonable and almost always lower than other New York City photographers.  You can also check out my NYC/portrait Instagram account.  

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"Chris is kind and open to hearing your artistic vision to a photoshoot or project. In addition, he provides constructive suggestions on how to guide the photoshoot so you can get the best result possible."


"[Chris] listens to ideas and adapts to a variety of situations. When we went on a shoot, I decided to have a photo of me in the middle of a city street, and Chris got creative in just minutes to make the shots happen."


Were you satisfied with your finished photographic products?

"Yes, I feel so confident about the work he has down and the product was better than I could have expected."