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The common thread of my professional life revolves around the narrative.  

In graduate school, I studied Earth's past climate states to inform our current moment on a planet increasingly defined by human impact. 

Thereafter, I taught biology, chemistry, and environmental science in an integrated curriculum toward understanding the history of life on Earth. 

Photography is also a pursuit of documentation and storytelling for me. 


I am currently working on a few longer term projects:  the role of parks in post-pandemic community, urban working class biographies, and birds in the Anthropocene. 

My photographic biography from a show with John McCabe at Dwight-Englewood School in Fall 2022:


"I got my start practicing photography through watching wildlife in my early ‘20s.  Both in southern Africa and then New England, I took many identification photos – especially of birds—and began to care more about the artistic quality much later.  Moving to New York, it was hard not to dabble in street photography; connecting with local photo walks and the NYC street photo community morphed into what is today my primary ‘genre’ of work.  But most of the pieces I present here I shot during the pandemic. Its different phases, and their intersections with my own health, pushed my photography to take on emotional valence.


These scenes comprise a bit of a ‘greatest hits’ of my first five years in New York—but especially the projection, and retroflection, of emotions on the street during the first respiratory pandemic in 100 years."

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#TheGramUptown Virtual/Visceral

Contributor of 8 images to a community show of photography highlighting the "beauty, history, and vibrancy of Uptown Manhattan"

NoMAA Gallery @4140 (United Palace Theater first floor annex)



Uptown Photowalk Gallery

Contributor of 2 images to a community show of images by members of the group Uptown Photowalk focused on photography in Washington Heights, Harlem, Inwood, and the Bronx

Buunni Coffee Inwood


DECEMBER 13 - JANUARY 30 - 2023

New York:  Then & Now

Exhibit with John McCabe

Swartley Gallery Series

Dwight-Englewood School

Englewood, NJ (USA)

PAST:  OCTOBER 25 - NOVEMBER 18 - 2022

In Dialogue:  Life at the Harvard Club of New York, 1940 and 2022

Commissioned work, in dialogue with club collection of Alfred Eisenstaedt prints

Harvard Club of NY



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